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Hi, I’m Preshela. I help people to set themselves free from their self-limiting beliefs through phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).


I am glad that you’ve found me. Perhaps, you might think that you have gone through this but I must tell, RTT is phenomenally amazing in setting you free!


Transformation of my clients is the key principle to the work I do.


Throughout my career being a counsellor, I have always travelled together with my client, side by side, understanding their emotions and leading them to understand who they are, and bringing the best out of them.


While you can tell that I travel together with client in my therapy while giving them a compassionate space to heal themselves, what they gain from therapy is more than overcoming anxiety and depression, self-doubt and relationship issue.


They gain a sense of fulfilment that comes from understanding themselves from deep awareness of themselves and accepting the fact that they are enough which radiates out in all areas of their life.

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I work with people who are struggling with self-doubt, relationship, imposter syndrome and want to transform their life so that they could claim back their self-confidence & unlock their maximum potential to build a phenomenally transforming life!

I am honored to be part of your transformational journey!

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