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therapy notes

Discover your limiting beliefs, transform your life effortlessly

Transformation of my clients is the key principal to the work I do!


We learn a lot about our brain but do you really know how your mind works?

Have you ever felt like you have tried dozens of things and nothing improved in your life?


It could have been the simplest thing like trying to do as much as you could but you never felt that you are good enough, to obvious things like when you out all your effort to reduce your weight, but never maintained your weight?


The reason is that we have always tried from the conscious level. This way you have been treating the symptom only and not the root cause.

The root cause is stored in your subconscious mind because your brilliant mind has the power and capacity to store every significant memories, events and experiences since you came into this world.

With Rapid Transformational Therapy, we get to the root and understand the issue in order to heal ourselves.

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Few weeks ago I contacted Preshela because she was recommended as an expert in self love and relationships and I wanted to understand why I was attracting wrong types of men.

I was honestly blown away by Preshela’s understanding of the issue, she nailed it before we even started the session and once she conducted the session she gave me and solidified the understanding that I was attracting wrong men because I was never loved as s child and wanted to be loved by anybody. Wow how crazy and mind blowing to finally understand it, to see the root cause of me choosing wrong guys.

Preshela used various techniques and all I know now is that she freed me of my issue and helped me to understand that I need to love myself more and to solidify it Preshela gave me an amazing recording on loving myself more.

Honestly, this lady is so switched on and present and I am so truly grateful for what she has done for me because the weirdest thing that I see now since the session is that I started doing more nice things for myself and try to put myself first in a healthy way as before it was rather difficult for me.

Thank you so so very much my lovely and I will be recommending you to others hand on heart!

Monika, Harrow, United Kingdom


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